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Billion Dollar Brows


We’re a little bit obsessed about getting perfectly groomed brows here at Gorgeous!  We know how much of a difference they can make to your face by framing your eyes and defining your features.  A great shaped brow will take years off your appearance and also give you indefinable presence.

Billion Dollar Brows originated in Los Angeles where Co-Founders Natalie and Bob Plain developed a product to help restore thin, over tweezed brows – Brow Boost! Helping customers all over the globe achieve healthier, fuller brows. They then developed a line of cosmetics dedicated exclusively to maintaining the perfect brow. Along the way Natalie and Bob opened their first brow shaping salon in Beverly Hills and now Billion Brows are in the UK and Australia.

We’re excited to be the first certified Billion Dollar Brow Stylist in Ripon. We only choose the best treatments, bringing you that little touch of luxury at affordable prices.

Everyone has heard of HD Brows but there are two unique features of Billion Dollar Brows. Firstly the technology behind Brow Boost to help the re-growth required for brows that have been over plucked. Secondly, The Brow Buddy which is a tool used ensure we create YOUR perfect brow shape. Without these we’d be just like any other brow styling treatment, so choose BDB for beautiful brows.

About Brow Boost

Brow Boost is now 3 times more powerful than when first developed. The vitamin and protein enriched conditioner works to help condition your brows for a fuller, and healthier appearance. By applying Brow Boost to your brow line nightly most customers begin to see results within 30 days of use. This lab tested and fragrance-free formula is EU compliant and contains Pelvetia Canaliculata, a form of seaweed rich in antioxidants.

brow boost

About The Brow Buddy

The Brow Buddy is the ultimate brow shaping tool. Unlike eyebrow stencils, this handy tool takes into account YOUR face shape, giving you perfectly symmetrical, beautiful shaped brows. The Brow Buddy has been featured in may publications, Glamour Beauty said “The most genius eyebrow tool ever! Seriously! It gets you perfect, totally symmetrical brows!”


The Billion Dollar Brow® Treatment

Your initial treatment will take around 30 mins and you will be consulted at every stage to ensure we create your perfect brow.

  • The first step is to map out your perfect brow using the patented Brow Buddy tool.  We discuss any reshaping required and work with you to create a brow that suits your face and personality.
  • If required we then tint your eyebrow, this immediately works to enhance the brow area.
  • The next steps involve removing hair to reveal the defined brow through waxing, trimming and layering to thicken and shape and finally expert plucking.
  • The final step is to apply the BDB dedicated cosmetic range to highlight and fill the brow in order to create the perfect Billion Dollar Brows.
  • You can purchase all items in the Billion Dollar Brow range from us after your treatment.

Celebrity Clients

We’re not short of celebrity clients, originating in Los Angeles attracted a star studded list from the likes of Lauren Conrad to Scarlett Johansson.  But closer to home our very own Duchess Kate Middleton is a Billion Dollar Brow fan, along with many other celebrities here in the UK and across the pond!  So if it’s good enough for Royalty need I say more…

BILLION DOLLAR BROWS – £20 (30 mins)

Please Note : A patch test is required before this treatment can be performed

-Prices as of 1st March 2016-

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